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The winery

Maset del Lleó: producers of quality wines and cavas for over two centuries.
The family has dedicated itself, generation after generation, to cultivating wines and cavas offering you the tradition and quality of their land.
Since 1777 the Maset del Lleó wine and cava winery has gradually converted their love of their land into your access to the world of wine.
Maset del Lleó makes its wine in the traditional way; with great care, following a rigorous quality assurance process and leaving each wine to mature in the tranquillity of the cellar.
Out of this devotion to work well done emerged the wide range of wines and cavas on which the great prestige of this winery is based.
Maset del Lleó is quality, innovation and service.


The area:

Maset del Lleó winery is situated in the very heart of Alt Penedés, an excellent wine producing area, where the secret of our wines and cavas is produced: namely, the grapes.
The Denomination of Origin (D.O.) Penedès is situated between Barcelona and Tarragona, in an area approximately 80km wide, bordered in the north by the Montserrat Mountains and in the south by the Sitges and Tarragona coast. The composition of the land is varied, ranging from clay-limestone areas to the sandy soil found at different depths where the vines put down their roots. The climate is mild in the winter and hot in the summer, without being extreme.


The vineyards:

The influence of the sea and the sun provides our land with a warm, gentle climate, suitable for cultivating the traditional white varieties such as Xarelo, Parellada and Macabeo as well red varieties such as Tempranillo, Garnacha and Cariñena.
In recent years and as the result of constant innovation and experimentation by our wine producers we have successfully introduced foreign varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well as Merlot.
Direct from our winery to your home:
At Maset del Lleó we offer a personal service for you to purchase any of our limited production wines. For this service you can place your order via our personal customer care line 902 200 250 or through our website, Orders will be delivered free of transportation costs direct to your home.
By eliminating intermediaries we can offer you better value for money.