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  1. Paleta Ibérica de Jabugo

    Paleta Ibérica de Jabugo
    Aware of the requirement and good taste who treasure our customers, we wanted to present them with this exquisite and exceptional Iberian palette Jabugo made​​, maintained and matured in prestigious wineries Cuyar Jabugo house in the mountains has Jabugo, Huelva, where following a long and painstaking true to the more traditional methods process, Iberian pigs acquire these aromas and flavors as individual and characteristic of this idyllic spot.
    € 119.90
    Out of stock
  2. Maset Elegance Ice bucket

    Maset Elegance Ice bucket
    If you are looking for an ice bucket that provides a touch of elegance on you table, we introduce you the Maset Elegance Ice bucket. An original triangular ice bucket, perfect to enjoy our wines and cavas in its perfect temperature.
    € 13.90
  1. Vacuum Stopper

    Vacuum Stopper
    To preserve
    The vacuum stopper is indispensable to keep in perfect conditions an opened bottle of wine. Thanks to this type of stoppers, we can extract the oxygen from bottles and slow the wine oxidation process. Taste and aromas will be conserved for several days.

    You just have to close the bottle with the stopper and pump 5-10 times (depending on the amount of wine that still is in the bottle) in order to extract the air and create vacuum.
    € 3.65
    Out of stock
  2. Wine Glass Identifiers

    Wine Glass Identifiers
    Each plastic bar contains 10 pieces of glass identifiers made of flexible silicone in different colours. Perfect to distinguish the glasses in events such as cocktails, wine tastings, etc.
    € 3.45
  1. Service platter

    Service platter
    Keep clean your tablecloth
    This Service Platter in stainless steel is the ideal element to avoid staining your tablecloth. You can use it as a support for your bottles or for carrying bills in restaurants.
    € 3.10
  2. Weather station with barometer

    Weather station with barometer
    The weather in a second
    With the sophisticated Weather station from Maset del Lleó, you will always know the temperature inside and outside your home. Moreover, thanks to its incorporated barometer you will also know the weather forecast for the next days before anyone else. A practical gift that you will certainly enjoy
    € 32.85
  1. Decanter pitcher

    Decanter pitcher
    A pitcher for serving wine, it also can be used as a decanter.
    € 9.10
  2. Cooler

    The optimum temperature
    Cover your bottle of cava, white wine or rosé with our cooler and forget of all the rest. Through this practical accessory you will be able to serve all your wines at the optimum temperature.
    € 17.15
  1. Classic Box 3 bottles

    Classic Box 3 bottles
    A trio
    Present three good wines in this box made of pine wood. With a practical sliding lid, it is the perfect combination of comfort and prestige.

    € 10.45
  2. Maset Round Ice bucket

    Maset Round Ice bucket
    This is Maset’s smallest Ice Cube, and also the most practical and functional. The ideal size for one bottle, and at an extremely attractive price.
    € 7.50
  1. Electric Corkscrew

    Electric Corkscrew
    The easy way
    Thanks to its cordless and rechargeable system, this practical electric corkscrew allows you to open any bottle of wine in a quickly and effortlessly way. Designed by the prestigious Puigpull brand, recognized for its ability to adapt the best professional quality for domestic use products, this unique corkscrew with a modern and ergonomic design will, without a doubt, satisfy all your needs.
    € 34.35
  2. Professional set (7 pieces)

    Professional set (7 pieces)
    The master set
    A set in which you will find the essential accessories needed for the wine world.
    € 46.65
  1. Vacuum pump

    Vacuum pump
    Thanks to this accessory you will be able to pump the air from opened wine bottles. This vacuum pump extracts the oxygen and allows preserving wine from oxidation, slowing this process by creating vacuum. Maintains the qualities of your wine.
    € 10.80
  2. Classic Box 2 bottles

    Classic Box 2 bottles
    For two
    Nothing is better than to present our best wines in this box made of pine wood. With a sliding lid and a capacity for two bottles, this box is ideal for special events.
    € 9.65
  1. Prestige Wooden Box (3 Units)

    Prestige Wooden Box (3 Units)
    Attract all people’s eyes with this elegant Prestige Wooden Box perfectly tailored for 3 bottles.
    € 3.15
  2. Copa Petit Sumiller O2

    Copa Petit Sumiller O2
    Perfecta para el día a día
    Gracias al innovador diseño de su base, esta copa sin tallo permite que, al verter el vino en su interior, éste se oxigene y los aromas se liberen suavemente. Ideal para vinos blancos, rosados, tintos jóvenes y tintos con crianza.

    Capacidad: 707 ml
    Altura: 133 mm
    Diámetro: 96 mm
    € 7.00
    Out of stock
  1. Copa Sumiller versátil

    Copa Sumiller versátil
    Para momentos únicos
    Copa de vino de capacidad media perfecta para todo tipo de vinos. Su característica forma acentuada de tulipa ayuda al perfecto desarrollo de los sabores al mismo tiempo que intensifica el aroma. Ideal para vinos blancos, rosados, tintos jóvenes y tintos con crianza.

    Capacidad: 405 ml
    Altura: 245 mm
    Diámetro: 83 mm
    € 7.00
    Out of stock
  2. Thermometer for bottles

    Thermometer for bottles
    Perfectly Tailored
    Practical thermometer to know at which temperature is your wine by just putting it over the bottle.
    € 5.20
  1. Prestige Wooden Box 2 Units

    Prestige Wooden Box 2 Units
    Present two bottles of wine or cava with this original elongated box is an assurance of a classy presentation. An exclusive design made by Maset del Lleó thought to mark the difference
    € 3.15
  2. Steel bottle rack Maset

    Steel bottle rack Maset
    The wine cellar at home
    Practical bottle rack to store bottles at home.
    € 21.80
  1. 2 bottles gift box

    2 bottles gift box
    Quality cardboard box for 2 bottles of wine or cava.
    € 1.75
  2. 6 bottles gift box

    6 bottles gift box
    Quality cardboard box for 6 bottles of wine or cava.
    € 3.10
  1. Copa Gran Sumiller

    Copa Gran Sumiller
    Para grandes ocasiones
    Copa de estilo bordolés de gran capacidad. Gracias a su marcado diseño en forma de tulipa permite que el vino se oxigene correctamente y afloren los sabores y aromas reducidos por el proceso de crianza. Ideal para tintos crianza, reserva y gran reserva.

    Capacidad: 645 ml
    Altura: 255 mm
    Diámetro: 102 mm

    € 7.00
    Out of stock
  2. Toolbox

    Practical and useful
    A practical set of tools for everyday use. Do not let inconvenient breakdowns catch you off guard. With this toolbox you will be well equipped to deal with any contingency. It is composed by tools made from the best quality materials and the carrying case is very practical.
    € 37.25
  1. 1 bottle gift box

    1 bottle gift box
    Quality cardboard box for 1 bottle of wine or cava.
    € 1.20
  2. Opener Gourmet

    Opener Gourmet
    The non plus ultra
    What is better than to delight your guests by serving one of our best wines with our new Gourmet Corkscrew? A practical, comfortable and very stylish utensil that will, besides easily open the bottle with just a movement, offers an admirable presentation.
    € 24.50
  1. Copa Sumiller de cava

    Copa Sumiller de cava
    Para celebraciones irrepetibles
    Copa de elegante diseño creada especialmente para disfrutar del cava. Su estructura tipo tulipa, con la abertura más estrecha que el cuerpo, concentra los aromas y evita que el carbónico escape.

    Capacidad: 290 ml
    Altura: 260 mm
    Diámetro: 82,5 mm
    € 7.00
    Out of stock
  2. Oxygenator decanter

    Oxygenator decanter
    Earn more quality
    With this practical and comfortable oxygenator, you will improve and enhance the flavour and aroma of your wines in a quickly and easily way. The Oxygenator Decanter of Maset del Lleó will help you to reveal all the aromas and nuances of your young or old wine, as well as to remove any deposit.
    € 21.25
  1. Maset Ice bucket (2 bottles)

    Maset Ice bucket (2 bottles)
    A fresh celebration
    Dazzle your guests with this original ice bucket for two bottles. Besides offering an innovative design, it is ideal for celebrations where you need to keep more than one bottle cold. Indispensable for your parties and other events.
    € 20.90
  2. Rustic Box 3 bottles

    Rustic Box 3 bottles
    Raw material
    As well as our wines and cavas, this rustic box has been made with the best quality raw materials. With a matte Walnut wood and perfectly tailored for three bottles, this is a clear sign of a work well done.
    € 16.30
  1. Rustic Box 2 bottles

    Rustic Box 2 bottles
    A good presence
    Made with a matte Walnut wood and with rustic finishes, it gives a hint of class to any of your wine presentations.
    € 14.90
  2. Antioxidant stopper

    Antioxidant stopper
    In perfect conditions
    This is an innovative stopper for opened bottles which includes a carbon filter in order to stop wine oxidation and absorb all acetic and volatile oxidation aromas. By this way, we can taste wine in perfect conditions even 30 days after uncorking.
    € 6.10
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