Always with women

Always with women

A women-led business

Always with women is Maset’s initiative to maintain its goal to improve the wellbeing of women, vindicate their empowerment and support gender equality.


Did you know that the survival rate among women whose breast cancer is detected early is 90% in the first 5 years? Maset would like to toast to that rate reaching 100% soon. For this reason, each year we carry out various solidarity campaigns with the goal of raising funds for research in the battle against this disease.

Social environment

Gender violence is a problem that crosses borders, and it is present in most countries around the world. To battle against this scourge, Maset financially supports foundations and associations that protect refuge homes for women who have suffered gender violence. In this way, we facilitate recuperation for these women and their children. See solidarity campaigns

Work environment

82% of the Maset team are women. From the winery, we are aware that they are the company's authentic driving force. For this reason, we carry out work-life balance policies for our employees to improve their wellbeing.