Maset Bonus

Get prizes buying at Maset!

When finishing the order you can choose between these gifts according to the amount of your order.

For orders over 70 €

Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza from Maset
Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza
Blanc de Blancs from Maset
Blanc de Blancs
Glass identifiers
Glass identifiers

For orders over 90 €

Pinot Noir from Maset
Pinot Noir
Flor de Mar from Maset
Flor de Mar
Antiox stopper
Antiox stopper

For orders over 110 €

Foc from Bodegas Maset
Nu Brut Rosé from Maset
Nu Brut Rosé
Bottle cooler
Bottle cooler

For orders over 150 €

2 bottles Natura Reserva from Maset
2 bottles Natura Reserva
2 bottles Eufòria blanco from Maset
2 bottles Eufòria blanco
2 bottle ice bucket
2 bottle ice bucket

For orders over 200 €

3 bottles Syrah from Bodegas Maset
3 bottles Syrah
3 bottles Singular from Bodegas Maset
3 bottles Singular
Reserva familiar pack from Bodegas Maset
Reserva familiar pack

For orders over 270 €

6 bottles Natura from Maset
6 bottles Natura
6 bottles Ibericus Verdejo from Bodegas Maset
Ibericus Verdejo
6 bottles Merlot from Bodegas Maset

For orders over 350 €

Gran Roble from Bodegas Maset
6 bottles Gran Roble
6 bottles Atlántico from Bodegas Maset
6 bottles Atlántico
6 bottles Aurum from Bodegas Maset
6 bottles Aurum

These promotions cannot be combined with any other offer and are valid until end of stock.