Tems of use

Terms of use

Terms of use

General Sale and Contract Conditions

1.1. All sales made by VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL will be understood to be subject to these General Conditions. No modification, alteration or agreement contrary to the Business Proposal of VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL or what is stipulated herein will take effect, except through an express written agreement signed by the contracting parties, in which case said particular agreements will prevail.

1.2. VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL may modify product specifications regarding information provided in its advertising, which may affect the value of products offered.

1.3. Only people who have reached legal age of majority may purchase alcoholic beverages.

1.4. By accepting this contract, you declare: That you have the capacity to contract, and that you have read and accept the present General Conditions. This document may be printed and stored by Clients.

2. Price and Payment Methods

2.1. The product price is that which is in force at the moment of order acceptance by VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL. All orders are subject to their acceptance by VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL, which will not send any order until payment for it has been verified.

2.2. Our product prices contain the VAT applicable under current legislation. Prices mentioned on our website, including other items, are in euros. Shipping costs are not included in prices listed on our website. Other additional expenses that may arise will be assumed by the buyer, who will be informed of all amounts and the resulting final price before accepting the contract.

2.3. In the event of partial or whole non-payment by the Client on the agreed expiration date for one or more product shipments, VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL will either suspend or cancel any subsequent shipment or pending Contract without incurring responsibility for any damages or losses, including lost profits or damages due to production delay or loss caused to the Client. The foregoing shall not release the Client from their pending contractual obligations regarding payments owed and the receipt of products.

2.5. We place the following payment methods at your disposal to complete purchases on our website:

  • Bank card
  • Paypal
  • Bizum
  • Transfer
  • Cash on delivery

In the case of selecting bank transfer, you will be provided via email with the account details to which you must make the transfer.

2.6. We ask that you keep in mind that merchandise will be delivered once the payment amount has been received. We advise you to complete the payment with a bank card, PayPal or Bizum so that you receive the product in the shortest possible time.

3. Terms of Delivery

3.1. Merchandise delivery will take place, unless otherwise agreed, without prejudice to what is established in the following clauses. Until merchandise leaves our warehouses, the Client has the full right to modify or cancel their order, except for those products that have been developed to-measure for the Client or that were specifically ordered for the Client, for which VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL will ask the Client to accept a written estimate or request with special conditions.

3.2. Delivery shall be considered completed at the time in which the transport company makes the product(s) available to the Client and the Client has signed the delivery receipt document. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify product(s) upon receipt and to expose to the same carrier all exceptions and claims that may be justified in the delivery receipt document, or during the 24 hours following receipt, in case of damage not outwardly visible. Alternatively, delivery may be made before the agreed date, as well as partial deliveries as it is deemed convenient.

3.3. VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL shall not be responsible for the lack of compliance with its obligations when it is due to unforeseeable events, or that, even when foreseen, were unavoidable, or impediments beyond its control (both in cases of force majeure or a fortuitous event), including, among others, acts of the government or the Administration; its own, third-party or general labour strikes; lockouts; civil disorders; earthquakes and any other natural disasters; lack or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies or equipment; lack of facility operation; etc.

3.4. Except for General Condition provisions, VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL shall not be responsible for damages or harm that may arise from merchandise delay or lack of delivery, particularly from lost profits or any damage or harm that emerges from production delay or loss that the Client may suffer as a consequence.

4. Reservation of Title Clause

4.1. Merchandise supplied, without prejudice from direct possession that has already been transferred to the Client, will belong to VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL until its price has been fully satisfied. The Buyer shall not pledge or license warranties of the merchandise to third parties, whether it is a real or personal warranty, by any method, until full payment. Until this occurs, the Client will keep merchandise in good condition and will identify it, where appropriate, as property of VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL. Exercising the reservation of title does not imply the waiver of demanding compliance with the contract or compensation for damages and harm.

4.2. However, in the case of a failure to prohibit assignment, and without prejudice to the actions that may take place, the Client expressly assigns with this document, as a guarantee of any credit against them in favour of VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL, the credits that arise in their favour against third parties as a result of total or partial transmission or transformation, of merchandise whose price has not been fully paid.

4.3. In the case of embargo or any other method of third-party intervention on merchandise whose price has not been fully satisfied, the Client will expressly state the existence of this reservation of title and will immediately inform VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL in writing.

5. Warranty rules. Limits of Liability.

5.1. The Client uses merchandise and/or product(s) under their own responsibility. VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL will not be responsible for consequences that may result from the Client's and/or any third party's improper use.

6. Applicable Law

6.1. These General Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish Law.

6.2. Except in cases specified in current legislation, in which it lacks jurisdiction, parties submit themselves to the competent Court, which will be the one corresponding to the consumer and user's residence or the place of compliance of the obligation, for resolution of any litigation that may arise from interpretation, application, compliance, etc., of this contract.

6.3. The eventual partial or total nullity of any General or Particular Condition will not affect the validity of the contract itself; the will of the parties regarding the null clause will be integrated, and the rest of the Conditions will be fully applicable.

6.4. The Client declares that they know the contents of this contract, not only for its footnote on the invoice, but also because the General Conditions extended in it are exposed to the public on the maset.com website. The General Conditions can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Legal Actions, Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL also reserves the right to file civil or criminal suits that it considers timely due to improper use of its webpages and contents or for lack of compliance with these conditions.

The relationship between the User and VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL shall be governed by current Spanish legislation, and the courts or tribunals corresponding to consumer and user residence, or from the place of fulfilment of the obligation, will be competent to make decisions on any controversy that may arise between the User and VINOS ARTESANALES DE CALIDAD SL.