Stölzle Lausitz glasses

Stölzle Lausitz glasses

International prestige

Germany's Lausitz region has been a pioneer in fabricating crystal glassware of excellent quality for more than five centuries. A lasting tradition that has led Stölzle Lausitz to become internationally recognized and to export its lead‑free glasses around the world.

For this reason, our winery's sommelier has specially selected the Quatrophil series for our customers, a modern, timeless collection of glasses with high brilliance and excellent strength.

Grand Sommelier

For crianza, reserva and gran reserva red wines.

Large‑capacity Bordeaux glass. Its large opening maximises the wine's contact with the air, facilitating its oxygenation and the appearance of (heavier) ageing aromas. Its wide, straight mouth is also ideal for tasting red wines with more tannins and lower acidity, since it directs the wine to the centre of the tongue, creating a harmony among the sensations of fruit, tannins and acidity.

Versatile sommelier

For white and rosé wines. Cosecha, semicrianza and crianza red wines. Gran reserva cavas.

Average-capacity wine glass. Its opening, which is narrower than its body, helps concentrate the wine's most volatile aromas (primary aromas of fruit and florals), while its curvature directs the wine to the tip of our tongue, reducing acidity and promoting the fruity sensations. Its long stem is also ideal for conserving the proper temperature for serving.

Cava sommelier

For traditional and reserva cavas.

Sparkling wine glass designed especially for enjoying young and reserva cavas. Its tulip‑like structure concentrates aromas and prevents carbon from escaping. Its curvature also directs the wine to the tip of the tongue to reduce the cava's natural acidity.

Petit Sommelier

For crianza, reserva and gran reserva red wines.

Stemless large‑capacity wine glass. Its wide mouth and open rim are well‑suited for high‑acidity reds with moderate tannins, since the wine is directed to the sides of the tongue, increasing the fruity taste and balancing the elevated acidity.