Maset great wines pack
Maset great wines

Maset great wines

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Maset great wines is the best way to get to know our winery. A magni-ficent set made up of 6 of our most iconic wines and cavas for you to discover the Iberian Peninsula’s most prestigious designations and varieties from the comfort of your home.

  • 1 red wine Reserva (Rioja) 2016 bottle
  • 1 red wine Mas Viló (Priorat) 2019 bottle
  • 1 white wine Flor de Mar 2020 bottle
  • 1 cava L'avi Pau 2017 bottle
  • 1 red wine tinto Gran Selección 2015 bottle
  • 1 red wine tinto Syrah 2016 bottle